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Bonheur Moderne

Let your pampered pet lounge on this contemporary and sophisticated bed. The cushion covers can be removed for easy machine washing and the quality materials will assure long life and resistance to scratching and nesting activity from your pet.
The base has a 1cm layer of wadding for extra isolation and stability during machine wash.
Removable cushion cover included for easy machine washing.

Further details

The beds can be ordered in a range of decorative colours

  • 24 Nickel-Sand Yellow
  • 25 Oak Biege-Brown
  • 26 Jet-Black Jungle
  • 27 Cobra-Nickel
  • 60 Chocolate Brown
  • 310 Slate Grey

Choosing a suitable size for your dog bed

The minimum size for your dog bed should be as long as your dog, measured from the neck to the base of the tail.

cm Inch
XS37 x 2314,5 x 9
S47 x 3518,5 x 13,8
M60 x 4423,6 x 17,3
L75 x 5729,5 x 22,5