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Art Deco

Art Deco reminds of the revolution in furnishings at the turn of the 20th Century, originating in Vienna. At that time visual artists joined together, shaping the “Secession style”. Our Art Deco pet furniture of elegant appearance are still up-to-date (see our matching toy boxes).
Product information:
– Wooden frame: Pine.
– Extra high orthopaedic mattress to assure healthy body adaptation.
– Lacquered aluminium slatted frame resistant to corrosion which provides maximum hygiene and ventilation.
– All machine washable decorative covers have an extra large zipper for easy removal.
– To guarantee optimal hygiene and protection against moisture of any kind, the mattresses and all leaning sides are equipped with high quality waterproof and breathable elastic protective covers (Eco Tex Standard 100/Nr. 2009AN2228AITEX).
Further details

The following wood colours are available

  • Black-maroon

The covers can be ordered in a range of decorative colours

Alcantara style

  • 06 Magenta
  • 12 Azure Blue
  • 121 Olive Green
  • 15 Bordeaux
  • 26 Pastel Pink
  • 27 Ochre Brown
  • 35 Ruby Red
  • 42 Pastel Blue
  • 421 Sand Yellow
  • 52 Royal Blue
  • 64 Maroon
  • 87 Cream

Choosing a suitable size for your dog bed

The minimum size for your dog bed should be as long as your dog, measured from the forehead to the base of the tail.

Internal Dimensions
cm Inch
XSW:45 X D:33W:17,71 X D:12,99
SW:54 X D:40W:21,26 X D:15,75
MW:62 X D:47W:24,41 X D:18,5
LW:70 X D:54W:27,56 X D:21,26
XLW:79 X D:62W:31,1 X D:24,41
XXLW:88 X D:70W:34,64 X D:27,56
External Dimensions
cm Inch
XSW:57 D:40 H:24,5W:22.44 D:15.75 H:9.25
SW:68 D:48 H:40W:26.77 D:18.90 H:15.35
MW:79 D:56.5 H:44W:31.10 D:22.24 H:17.32
LW:89 D:64.5 H:51W:35.04 D:25.39 H:20.08
XLW:98 D:72 H:56W:38.58 D:28.35 H:22.05
XXLW:107 D:81 H:60W:42.13 D:31.89 H:23.62
Mattress Height Weight up to
cm Inch kg lbs